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Sugar Cookie Bird’s Nest

As promised, today I’m going to show you how I made a bird’s nest with my sugar cookie dough and some royal icing.  It makes for a cute Easter ornament and the kids will love that the entire thing is edible!  Bea at Cancun Cookies has a linky party happening once a month whereby she decides on the theme, cookiers bake and decorate cookies according to that theme and link up via several options.  This month’s theme is nest cookies and when I read that, I started thinking of how I could make a three-dimensional cookie that would look like a nest.   It was an experiment and I’m happy to say that it did work out.

The nest is made of two sugar cookie forms baked together then brown royal icing is piped in the interior and all around the exterior.  The nest can be filled with Easter Eggs, Jelly Beans, Homemade Peeps or whatever you choose.  I thought it would look cute with some baby birds and their Momma (made from sugar cookies) gathered together for feeding time.  Momma is serving a nice earthworm for dinner

This is how the nest cookie looked after baking.

To make it I rolled out my sugar cookie dough and cut a large circle using my large biscuit cutter and then a long length of cookie dough, the width of the biscuit cutter was also cut.

I then placed the circular cookie onto a parchment lined baking sheet.  Next step was to roll the rectangular length of cookie dough around the large biscuit cutter once I had wrapped it with parchment paper.

I then placed this section on top of the circular cookie and gently pressed all around to seal the two pieces together.I removed the biscuit cutter and used crunched up parchment paper to stuff the opening so it would support the sides while baking.

The cookie was baked and then left to cool.  Using brown royal icing I began piping scattered icing lines inside the *cookie bird nest* and around the edges.  Both the length and direction of your lines should vary.

I repeated this process until most of the cookie was covered.  I had also cut out a few *birds* using my large and small leaf cutters.

Birds were piped and then flooded with royal icing (you can choose any colour you prefer) and then placed in the nest and on the edge with a dab of brown royal icing.  The eyes were pre-made using leftover royal icing and attached while the flood icing was still wet.

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