Spider Cookies – One Design, Two Easy Ways

I just finished wrapping up (literally) one of my largest orders for a local fund-raiser taking place next weekend.  More on those cookies later.  As always, extra cookies are baked for those *oops* moments in decorating.  Thankfully, I did not have to use the extras in the order and decided to decorate some quick cookies for Halloween.

These spider cookies were made using two different techniques.  Some were done by making the webs using the wet-on-wet method and some were done by making the webs by piping onto the royal icing base once it had dried.  Either way, they are quick to do and make for a fun if not a little creepy Halloween party treat.

A quick tutorial on making these using the wet-on-wet technique…

Flood your cookie in the background colour you decide to use.  This example I’m using a deep orange colour that was achieved by mixing a few drops of Copper food colouring with a few drops of Buttercup Yellow.

With your flood icing still wet, apply a straight line across the center of the cookie with black piping icing. Then pipe another line from the center to the top of the cookie.

Pipe an inverted scallop line all around the outside edge of the top half of the cookie.

Add two additional lines below and on either side of the center line, beginning at the center and working your way to the edge of the cookie and add the scalloped edge.

Piping from the center out to the edges, pipe straight lines at each point of your scalloped edges.

Next step is to add the scalloped lines all around the straight lines, working from the outside to the inside of the cookie.

Let the flood icing harden a little before adding your spider otherwise the spider will sink into the flood icing just as the web does.

To make this same design using the more textured wet on dry technique, simply flood your cookie and wait until the flood icing is completely dry before repeating the above steps with black piping icing to make your spider web and your spider.

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  1. I am not a friend of spiders of any kind, but in some weird way I like spider cookies. These came out really cute Paula. Thanks for sharing, I need to start getting in my Halloween baking pretty soon.

  2. Ah! These are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with me (along with the great tutorial!) I just finished a huge batch of car cookies for a UT event last week, and I’m so ready to take a cookie break! But I’ll be back at it soon, I’m sure!

  3. These are so CUTE! Or are they creepy? All spiders to me are creepy so I think these are creepy cute! I really like the way you divided the web into sections. That makes it easy to get an even finish. I always go lopsided!

  4. Paula, your Halloween cookies are so amazing…gorgeous, and utterly cute! You are so incredibly talented with your cookie designing, and have such a ‘steady hand’…a TRUE artist is what you are:DDD
    Not everyone can make these type of special intricate design…even with your helpful ste-by-step directions…xoxo

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