If you are in the Perth, Ontario and surrounding area you can contact me at 613.267.5154 to discuss your cookie requirements.

 Outside of this area feel free to contact me via email at [email protected].  Please be sure to specify whether or not you are interested in Regular Vanilla Bean Decorated Sugar Cookies or my Gluten Free Vanilla Bean Decorated Sugar Cookies.  I will respond to your email promptly.



Q1.  How much do your cookies cost?

A. Cookies are $30.00 per doz for my Regular Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies.  Your order will be a full Baker’s dozen!  Gluten Free Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies are $35.00 per doz and cookies using Edible Images are $35.00 a dozen.

Q2.  How do I pay for my cookie order?

A.  A 50% deposit is required prior to me commencing to fill your order.  I accept deposit payments via Interac e-Transfer which can be made in Canada from your on-line banking account.  The balance of your order is due when you receive your cookies.  Final payment can be made either via Interac e-Transfer, Cash, Cheque or Money Order.

Q3.  Do you ship your cookies?

A.  Yes, however I only ship within Canada.  Shipping costs will be added to the price of your cookie order.

Q4.  How can I be sure that my cookies will arrive fresh?

A.  All cookies are baked only after the ordered has been received and confirmed.  Only after the cookies have been baked to fill an order is the royal icing made.   Each cookie is individually heat sealed in a cellophane bag and tied with a coordinating ribbon.  As I am the sole baker and decorator the reason I ask for a week’s lead time from date of order is to best manage my time thereby ensuring that a quality product is delivered you.

Q5.  I noticed that there are little brown flecks throughout my cookies.  What is that?

A.  Vanilla Beans!

Q6.   Will I get a receipt when I pay for my order?

A.  Definitely!  When the cookies are delivered to you, or picked up by you, an invoice/receipt will be presented to you once payment has been received.

Q7.  What is the minimum order you will fill.

A.  The minimum order I will fill is for one dozen cookies.

Q8.    Can my cookies be frozen, icing and all?

A.  Yes, your cookies can be frozen.  Freeze them in their cellophane bags, in an airtight container.  When ready to eat, thaw them to room temperature in their container.

Q9.    How long will my cookies stay fresh without being frozen?

A. The cookiesare best when eaten and enjoyed within a four week time frame from the time you receive them if you are not going to freeze them.  Honestly though, I don’t think that they will be around long enough for you to have to worry about them going stale :)

Q10.  I would like to order some of your cookies but I don’t have the one week advance notice.  Will you  fill my order?

A.  I will certainly do my best for you.  It will all depend on the amount of orders I have to fill when you contact me to place your “rush” order. Additional fees may apply.

*Note:  Cookies are not baked in a nut free environment

Vanilla Bean Baker Circular

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