Med-Duck Cookies

Hello, it has been awhile hasn’t it?  Things have been busier than normal for me and I hope to share with you why in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I’m happy to have some time now to share a new cookie design that I did several weeks ago.

One of our neighbours had to have a very unexpected surgery late in the summer.  He was in the hospital for awhile and it was quite serious for a few weeks.  He came home to a long recovery and though he did lose the use of his leg for some time, due to regular therapy he is able to walk now with the aid of a walker.  Thankfully, he is doing extremely well and we are delighted to see that his walks around the neighbourhood are growing in distance all the time.

When our neighbour first came home to recuperate, I thought that he might need a little cheering up so I made him some Med-Duck cookies using a duck cookie cutter and Sweet Ambs wonderful technique to give a fluffy/furry texture to the ducks.

Med Ducks Made Fluffy with Royal Icing

You’ll need yellow, orange, green, red and black icing to decorating these cookies.  Prior to decorating the cookies you will first need to print out or draw tiny little red crosses.  I printed out mine and then laying them under a sheet of lightly greased Saran Wrap, use red piping icing to flood the crosses.  Let dry overnight before removing from the Saran Wrap.

Med Duck Red Crosses Flooded

Once the red crosses have completely hardened, you are ready to start decorating your ducks.  Use yellow piping icing to outline for the face, feathers and tail.

Piping Yellow Outline for Med Duck Cookies

When the yellow piping has dried, use green piping icing to outline for the *scrub* hat, and jacket.  Once the piping has been completed, you can use orange piping icing (rather runny) to fill in the beak area.

Med Duck Outlined in Green Piping Icing

When all the piping has dried, you can start flooding the areas in the matching flood icing.  I did the face, feathers and tail first. Med Duck Yellow Flood Icing Applied.

When the duck has been completely flooded, apply the little red cross and  use black piping icing to make the eye.  When this icing had dried, I brushed a little bit of corn syrup on the beak, eye and red cross to give them a little shine.Med Duck Completing Flooded and Red Cross Added with Eye and Feather Detail

The feather *fluffy* technique is done when the head, tail and feathers have dried completely.  Apply a little yellow icing on each area and then dab the icing all over the area with a dry brush.  I love this technique of Ambers!  When the *fluffed* area has dried on the feathers, use your black piping icing to add a few little curves.

If you are making these for someone who is recuperating from surgery or just feeling a little blue, packaging them up with a little card adds the perfect finishing touch and will surely bring a smile to the recipient.

Med Ducks Packaged for Giving

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