Friendship Tree Cookies

We attended a lovely dinner party recently (where I ate Kale for the first time) and met two lovely couples who were close friends of our hosts.  The meal was fabulous and made all the more enjoyable by the varied and animated conversations that had us all wishing that the night could go on forever.

I brought a basket of cookies for our hosts and when deciding on a design for them I came across a wonderful logo that belongs to the owners of a unique little store in Australia offering wonderful and innovative Early Childhood Educational products.  I emailed them and told them why I would like to do my rendering of their logo on some cookies and would they grant me their permission.  I was so happy when they (Kim and Donna) said yes (for this occasion only as their logo is copyrighted) and today I’m delighted to share with you.  There are so many enchanting details on their logo and while I did not render all of them onto my cookies, the Friendship Tree did convey perfectly what I was hoping it would to our dinner hosts, that of *Thank you for extending your branches of friendship over us.*

I used the large rectangular plaque cookie cutter and first piped around the top half of the cookie for the sky and the bottom half for the grass.

When that was dry, I piped the outline for the tree and then flooded it.

Next came the piping and flooding of the cute little mushroom house.

The tree branches were then piped with their unique design of spelling out *The Friendship Tree*

From there all the leaves were added.

Last but not least, I added sanding sugar to all the leaves.

I’m very grateful to Kim and Donna of The Friendship Tree in Australia for allowing me to take inspiration from their logo.

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  1. Great Logo! That was really nice that they let you use it for the cookies! I followed your link to their site. Those are my favorite kind of kid toys and gifts! Thanks for introducing us!

  2. Looks fantastic. And what a great hostess gift!

    Hmmmm. Wonder what “Salad-in-a-Jar” would look like on a cookie. I think that might be the definition of an oxymoron. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Paula! (No wait, you already had it. Hope it was a good one)

  3. How nice that they let you use their logo-it’s fantastic! I am in love with the mushroom. You ate kale for first time-yay! I eat it so often when it’s in season. I especially love it in soup:)

  4. Such adorable hostess gift cookies, Paula!
    Kale is the BEST!! Eat it raw as a salad, and you’ll never think you’re eating something that good for you!