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Easy and Kid-Friendly Easter Table Setting Ideas

I know this is a busy day in most households so I’m going to try and keep this short (at least shorter than my last post!).  I just thought I’d share with you some quick and easy table setting ideas that we used for our Easter dinner table.  The grand-girls enjoyed having a hand in some of these and we thought you’d like to see.

Easter Bunny Ears Napkins:

I got the idea for these from the cookie pops that Sue at Munchkin Munchies made.  Thanks for the inspiration Sue!  Simply take a large napkin opened flat and face side down.   Take one top corner and fold down to opposite corner to make a triangle.  Fold the pointed bottom edge up to the top center of the wide edge, then fold the bottom edge up to meet the top.  Placing your fingers of one hand in the center of the fold napkin, take the far right end of the napkin and fold up over the center.  Repeat for the far left of the napkin.  Gather the bottom section of the napkin and push down through your napkin ring.  Using a large dog bone cookie cutter, trace around the cutter, adding a small mound at the top mid section of the cutter.  Cut and decorate as shown.

Easter Nest Napkin with Egg:

This napkin fold can be used to either house a hard-boiled egg which the kids can decorate while you are busy getting Easter dinner ready.

Or you can fill the napkin nest with your choice of Easter candy.

To make the napkin nest, lay the napkin flat, face side down.  Fold lower right corner up to the upper left to make a triangle.  Fold the upper left down to the middle of the triangles right side and then fold the left edge halfway down to lower right edge.  Now fold the upper left edge down to the lower right edge.  You should have formed a long narrow napkin.  Twist the napkin at least three complete times.  Form the twisted napkin into a circle by crossing the right end over the left.  Wrap the loose end around the formed circle and tuck loose end into the folds.  Arrange flat nest and fill center. (note:  this napkin fold idea from the book Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo)

Oh, and one more thing to keep the kids busy while you are prepping dinner, have a few sugar cookies on hand that have been piped and flood with royal icing.  Set the kids up with some edible markers and let them and their imaginations go!

Candy and Tea Light Centerpiece:

I have this tea light table centerpiece which was a gift from my daughter a few years back.  Normally we use it outdoors on the patio table.  This Easter I filled half of the tea light holders with candy eggs and left candles in the remainder.


Before I go, I’d like to thank everyone for your very kind and somewhat overwhelming response to my Easter Bird Nest cake.  I’m very flattered that you all enjoyed that post so much and that many of you have chosen to make the cake for you own families this year.  I enjoy reading your comments and appreciate them and your emails very much.

I’d like to wish everyone a very lovely and blessed Easter.  May you find wonder in all the beauty of this miraculous holiday and in this refreshing season.

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