Detroit Tigers Baseball Cookies

The order that came in via a DM tweet was from Rebecca @bitofmomsense.  She wanted to know if I could do baseball cookies.  Six baseballs with red stitching and 6 with the letter D for the Detroit Tigers.  Her husband’s birthday was coming up and he was a big Tigers fan.

First step was to re-size the *D* that Rebecca emailed me, copy it a few times and then print it out.  Laying a sheet of waxed paper over the print-out and using a #2 tip with navy blue piping icing I traced the English Style *D*.  This form of monogramming has to completely dry overnight before you carefully peel the waxed paper from your royal icing graphics.

Be sure to make extra to account for breakage that may occur.

The pennants were cut by hand after making a template from card stock as I did not have a triangular cookie cutter.  I realize that the *D* and trim look black in these pictures but there are actually navy blue.

Pennants with *D* Logo Before *Tigers* Added

An *extra* baseball or two were decorated with the *D* as well…along the lines of a *souvenir game ball* for the birthday boy :)

I am delivering these cookies tomorrow morning and I’m very excited to meet Rebecca and to convey very special and blessed birthday wishes to her husband.

If you have a baseball fan in your home, here’s a tutorial on making these cookies.  You of course, don’t have to be a Tiger’s fan and can substitute with your favourite team.

1.  On  cooled large round cookies, outline with #2 tip and white royal icing. No colouring needed :)  When piping is dry, fill with white flood icing and let dry.

2.  Using a #2 frosting tip, gently punch through the dried royal icing making a small curved line on both left and right sides of the baseball.

3.  With a #2 tip and red piping icing, make very short lines on either side of each indentation to create your ball stitching.

4.  Using a #2 tip and orange piping, outline the pennant.  Leave approximately 1/8 of an inch at the wide end of the pennant, you will be piping in your second colour there.  When piping is dry, fill pennant with orange flood icing.  With flood icing still damp, carefully place your letter on the pennant leaving room for the team name.  Write in the team name with the same colour piping icing as the team letter.  Fill in the edge of the pennant with the same colour piping icing by piping from end to end on an angle to give it a slight ribbed effect.

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  1. Yep, the wax paper transfer is an *awesome* idea!

    It’s crazy how much darker the D’s look, though – did they get darker as they dried or is it totally a camera illusion?