Today I am very excited to have been asked to guest post on the blog Eat In Eat Out as part of their 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Feature!  I’m especially honoured to be *kicking off* this holiday feature.  Before you click over to see my tutorial on how to make the edible holiday gift […]


When I received an invitation from Haniela to participate in her Christmas Card Cookie project I was excited! She hosted a lovely Spring blog project which I was a part of and I really enjoyed it.  I also really enjoy Hani’s blog and if you haven’t visited their yet, please do so.  She is wondrously talented. […]


Snow Figures Cookie Trio

November 23, 2012

I’m guessing with Thanksgiving over in the United States and Black Friday quickly becoming a distant nightmare for some midnight shoppers it is safe to start posting all things related to that Winter holiday that we are all getting geared up for next…Christmas!! Seems odd actually to be baking for Christmas, putting the outside lights […]


Friendship Tree Cookies

November 19, 2012

We attended a lovely dinner party recently (where I ate Kale for the first time) and met two lovely couples who were close friends of our hosts.  The meal was fabulous and made all the more enjoyable by the varied and animated conversations that had us all wishing that the night could go on forever. […]


Today I’m honoured to be guest posting for the lovely Anuradha over at Baker Street.  Anuradha has very successfully combined her love of baking into a wonderful blog that has garnered a huge following by all lovers of everything from cookies to her fabulous bundt cakes.  She originated the very popular Muffin Mondays and together […]


Well it’s that wonderful time of the year again for pie lovers!  Yes, I’m talking about Cheryl’s ever-growing Love the Pie Party where for the past four years people have come together to share their pie recipes and photos.  I don’t know how many joined in on this fun event back in 2009, but in […]


I wish I had these cutters for our Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner but they hadn’t arrived as yet.  When they did come in the mail from Karen’s Cookies I could hardly wait to use them and decided that though these never made it to our Thanksgiving Dinner table this year, there is still time to make […]


Halloween Hooters

October 26, 2012

This will be my last Halloween cookie post for 2012.  Believe it or not, I’m already decorating Christmas cookies for a group that is having an early Christmas party next week.  Mainly because most of the guests at the party are heading South for the winter before December arrives. So, anyhoo…I made these little Halloween […]


Halloween Skull Cookies

October 3, 2012

Later this month I’ll be heading up to Petawawa.  This trip will be to join my grand-son Austin in celebrating his 8th birthday.  While I was there at the end of August he helped me bake and decorate some colouring book birthday cake cookies for his guests to decorate at his party and take home […]


I had never been asked to do Smurf cookies before so when my daughter-in-law Jen told me last week that she needed cookies for her sister (who is crazy about these little characters) I was excited to try my hand at them. With the help of my Kopykake projector, these cookies came together easily.  However, […]