Bummer Halloween Cookies

Our little town has no big box stores. The town council discourages the infiltration of such businesses and if you ever came to visit Perth you would understand why. A relaxed stroll down our main street gives you full insight into the mentality behind wanting to preserve the character of this small and picturesque town. Behind the historic stonework of many of our buildings beats the hearts of many local entrepreneurs who take great pride in their unique businesses and products and the fact that many of their customers prefer to shop in the downtown core rather than venture into a mall.
Since moving here five years ago, I have found that I don’t miss the big box stores (much) that saw to the demise of many such Main Street businesses such as those that are thriving here in Perth. Should I need something my town doesn’t offer, I’m only an hour away from Ottawa and 20 to 30 minutes away from two towns larger than Perth who, for economic reasons, welcomed the giant retailers. One town, Smith Falls, recently welcomed a Target store. Given that this is a US based company, I took a drive last month to check out their products and prices. Their biggest competitor here is another U.S. based giant, Wal-Mart and while I’m sure both will do very well, I’ll watch the flyers and shop for the sales. All retailers are always having sales! I did pick up a few things at Target that I either hadn’t seen elsewhere.   I came home with two Halloween signs.  They made me laugh as soon as I saw them and I thought they’d make a great cookie.

Funny *Bummer* Halloween Sign

Funny Eat Local Zombie Halloween Sign

Turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking this.

Gail at One Tough Cookie NYC made cookies using the *Eat Locals* sign as part of her Halloween Cookie Collection. Hilarious and very well done.

I made cookies using the *Bummer* Halloween sign. As a kid, I’ve never had my treat bag fail me but I’m sure others have. Has this happened to you or to your kids? It is a bummer.

I used my KopyKake projector to trace the image of the sign with an edible marker. I took a photograph of it and then re-sized it to fit the cookies. Feel free to print the images of the Halloween signs in this post to make your own cookies. Fun for treats at this time of year and especially to take along to any Halloween parties you and your kids may be attending.

Bummer Halloween Cookie Figure Traced Onto Royal Icing Sugar Cookie

Once you’ve traced all your images, use black piping icing and a #2 tip to pipe over your traced image.

Bummer Halloween Figure Piped on to Royal Icing Sugar Cookie

Using black flood icing, fill in your image when the piped outline has dried. With black piping icing make the *fallen candy*

Bummer Halloween Figure Piped and Flooded on to Royal Icing Sugar Cookie

Next step is to use black piping icing to write *Bummer* on each cookie.

Bummer Halloween Figure Piping and Flooding Completed on Royal Icing Sugar Cookie

Add a black border around your cookies to finish off the “signage.”

Hoping your Halloween is not a Bummer!

Bummer Halloween Sign Decorated Sugar Cookies with Candy Corn

So if you can’t find these cute Halloween signs in your area, check Target or copy and print the pictures of the signs shown earlier in this post.  On the back of the *Eat Locals* sign is this picture.  Cute too but not as funny.

Halloween Sign of Cow Dressed Up as a Sheep (Sorry about the light reflections!)

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  1. These cookies are adorable! And I love Target. I live near a tiny town, and 30 miles from a town with a WalMart. I have to drive an hour to get to a Target. It’s probably best though. :) Happy Halloween!

  2. I’m moving further away from civilization and people are shocked. It will take me 8 minutes to get to the nearest grocery store for crying out loud! I look forward to some more wide open spaces (even if not in my own little yard!) and maybe a greater sense of peace and less urgency.

    But I laughed at the sign and your question about a busted Halloween bag. Bag? We used to take pillowcases and came home with them filled to the brim; back in the day of nickel candy bars being the size (or bigger) of ones now at least a buck. Ah…CANDY!!!

    I saw Gail’s cookies and got a good laugh; second time around too…love that you have so much fun with this…and are SO good at it too!

    • It’s exactly that greater sense of peace and less urgency atmosphere and mindset here in the country that we love Barb. I think you’ll love your new home and location.

  3. Hahaah! Cute cookies! Luckily I never had my bag of goodies give out on me – that would be a bummer for sure!

    OMG, big box stores are driving me crazy! Seriously, how many cookie cutter malls do we need? They’re all the same – a few huge stores plus the parking lot filled with smaller stores and restaurants. Although considering that the roads are filled with traffic at all hours of the day, it’s obvious that nobody works anymore and everyone is out shopping from morning till night. I think I need to move to Perth!

    • You’d love Perth Kelly. Three cars at a stop light is grid lock! Traffic picks up during the Summer months as we are the main route to cottage country. You are an hours drive to one of the prettiest little towns in Lanark County. Lots of festivals to take in and lots of lovely places to grab a little lunch or lovely dinner. Check it out one Saturday when you feel like going for a beautiful drive in the country.

  4. Never a broken bag! Thank goodness.

    We live in a town devoid of big box stores too. Walmart is only 40 minutes away. I seldom go there. If I need something from Target it’s a two hour drive. After bring here almost two years I’m finding how much easier to tell the difference between needs and wants. And that is good.

    Your cookies are darling. And, here, the ghost cows would be well received. :0)

    • You are so right Robyn. Once you determine the difference between wants and needs you discover how much you can really live without. Not to mention how much money you save yourself!

    • Perth is very charming Joan and we love it here. Such a lovely change from city living, which we don’t miss at all since retiring in Perth. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave your comment.

    • Thanks Cheryl. Target is basically the same as Wal Mart, just different product. You’ll have to watch for the Flyers to see if the drive for the sales are worth the trip for you.

  5. Perth sounds like such a wonderful place to live. Nice that you have the best of both worlds, small town quaint and larger shopping areas not far away. Someday, I promise, I’ll visit! I think your cookies are great. I did see Gail’s ‘Eat Locals’ a few days ago and wondered where she came up with her idea. You both did amazing cookies. They’re really funny!

  6. Oh my goodness these are so funny!! I haven’t seen them anywhere. I love how you turned the signs into cookies! Your piping is perfect!!!!!

    It may just be me but I think the cow “Booo” is funny!

  7. Those are great signs–and cookies! I have never seen them. I agree…small main streets have so much more character. This year I am going to try to do all of my holiday shopping from my home or someone else’s rather than big box. It is really nice to see towns working to revive their downtowns.