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A Special Baby’s First Christmas – Virtual Shower for The Decorated Cookie

My Mom would often tell us, especially when we were impatient little children that all good things come to those who wait. Well, we know someone who has been extremely patient and happily for Meaghan and her family, they were recently blessed with a beautiful little girl whose arrival was long-awaited and much anticipated. Readers of The Decorated Cookie are well aware of Meaghan’s long standing and at times life-threatening medical conditions so being able to bring little Violet into the world was nothing short of a miraculous blessing for her and her family. Their beautiful new (and second) daughter arrived a little earlier than expected this past Friday.

Two wonderful ladies are responsible for this virtual shower being held in Meaghan’s honour today. Michelle at Sugar Swings and Kathia at Pink Little Cake. I’m so happy to have been invited to help celebrate this auspicious occasion for Meaghan. I know I don’t need to encourage you to visit all of the very talented bakers that have come together for this special shower. The theme of the shower was rainbows, a nod to Meaghan’s love of them and though I did not do a rainbow themed cookie, I did chose to do something that I hope she will enjoy. Given that this much loved baby’s arrival was only two weeks away from Santa’s, I thought that a Christmas ornament cookie would be a nice little shower gift.

The design for this cookie came from this lovely ornament and as Meaghan had a baby girl, I decided to do it on a pink mitten. This is a large cookie cutter, measuring 5″ x 4″ and a great size for hanging on the tree or stuffing in the stocking.

Here’s how I made this ornament cookie for Meaghan and little Violet.

The mitten was baked with a hole in the top for use as an ornament. When cooled, pink piping and pink flood icing was applied.

2. When the flood icing was completely dry, I used a black edible marker to trace the image onto the cookie and then used black piping icing to outline the stork and the baby.

3. With the black piping dry, it was time to add some of the flood. I did all of the stork except his vest and the baby’s head first using white and tan flood icing.

4. Next, red flood icing was used to flood the baby carrying sack and the stork’s hat. Green flood icing was used to flood the stork’s vest.

5. The cookie was left to dry overnight. The next day, an edible black food colouring pen was used to go over the black piping lines where touch-ups were needed. A black dot was added for the stork’s eye and the face of the baby was drawn in with a black edible food colouring pen. White sanding sugar was applied to the body sections of the stork and white nonpareils were added to his Christmas hat. Green and red icing was used to make a little sprig of holly and white piping icing was used to print *Baby’s 1st Christmas 2012.*

6. A strand of Christmas themed ribbon was looped and tied through the pre-cut hole and there you have Meaghan’s baby Violet’s First Christmas ornament cookie.

Congratulations Meaghan. I know your family has received the best Christmas gift of all! Merry Christmas and sweet blessing to your family from ours.

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