I’m a happy lady!  It’s a long weekend here for school kids with today being a PD day.  The grand-girls are here for the weekend and we got it started early right after school yesterday.  Today was a very happy but busy day.  After breakfast, Sophie helped me to make a batch of homemade bread and once it was put in the bowl to rise, it was time give her hair and bangs a trim.  A few photos were taken of my handiwork and sent off in an email her Mom.  Next it was time for everyone to get cleaned up and dressed so we could head outside.  The girls wanted to play in the snow and Max needed to go for his walk.  Once we arrived back home with the dog, Ella continued to play outdoors while Sophie and I panned the bread, then she came along with me while I delivered cookies.  That done, it was off to the grocery store to get fixings to make tacos for dinner, back home to make lunch and then back out in the afternoon to deliver more cookies.  This time I was on my own as Sophie decided to stay home with Ella and keep Poppa Ron company while he saw that the bread was put in the oven and baked.

They are settled in the front room now.  Ella is creating an animated cartoon with audio on the iPad and is coaching Sophie on her lines to say when she’s ready to record.  Max is curled up on his mat and shows little interest in either of them or the story they are creating.  I’m here listening and watching them as I attempt to get this post done before I start prepping for dinner.  It’s been a great day and the blessings of having grand-children is not lost on us.

Ella and Sophie Nov 21 2014

Here’s a quick tutorial on one of the cookie orders that were delivered today.  They were for a Winter themed bridal shower.  When she saw them, the client said that they were exactly what she was hoping they’d be.  It really doesn’t get any better than that.

G;littering Snowflake Bridal Shower Cookies with Silver Candy Beads

You will need a large 3 1/2″ – 4″ snowflake cookie cutter to make these.  Bake and cool your cookies and whip up a batch of royal icing.  With a #2 tip, pipe around the border of the cookie and let set.

Large Snowflake Cookies Outlined with White Royal Icing

With white flood icing, flood your cookies and let icing harden overnight.

Large Snowflake Cookies Flooded with White Royal Icing

With a #1 tip, pipe three lines end to end on the longest points on the star, intersecting in the centre.  You’ll see why the cookie is in a plastic container later.

Intersectiong Lines Piped on the Longest Points on the Snowflake with Royal Icing

Next pipe diamond shapes below each of the six shorter points of the snowflake.

Diamond Shapes Piped with Royal Icing on Snowflake Cookie

Now you pipe lines from the end of the diamond point to the centre of the snowflake.

Royal Icing Lines Piped to Connect Diamond Shape to Centre of Snowflake

Last piping step is to add two rows of curled lines one each of the longest lines on the cookies.

Curved Lines Added to Longest Royal Icing Piped Lines of Snowflake Cookie

Now you see why the cookie is in a container.  You have to work fast when piping as the next step is to cover the cookie with white sanding sugar.  If your piping dries before you can shake the sugar over the cookie, you will have to brush each piped area with a bit of clear corn syrup and then cover with sanding sugar.  Very tedious process!

White Sanding Sugar added to Piped Lines on Large Snowflake Cookie

Shake off the excess sugar and then add a dot of royal icing to each spot you decide to place a silver candy bead.  Press the bead down lightly.

Silver Candy Beads Added to Sugared Snowflake Cookie Decorated with White Royal Icing

As with any sugar cookie with long appendages, these snowflakes can be a little delicate and if not handled carefully, can break.  Best to pick them up by the centre edges rather than the points of the snowflakes when decorating and packaging.

These made for a pretty Winter Themed bridal shower cookie but they are wonderful to make for Christmas too!

Snowflake Winter Themed Bridal Shower Cookie

Got to go.  The grand-girls re-located themselves downstairs to watch T.V. and an argument has broken out.  I suppose it’s either over what show to watch or who gets to sit where.  Time to feed them dinner :)


Have you purchased your Halloween candy and gotten all your treat bags ready yet?  If you have, you are way ahead of me this year.  Things have been particularly busy and today is the first day I’ll have a chance to get out and start picking up my loot for the little trick-or-treaters who will be here this weekend.

I did have time to make some Halloween themed cookies which Ron took in to the office of a business associate this week.  Even if you are pressed for time in the days leading up to Halloween, these cookies are quick and easy to make and you can have them packaged up ready to give to friends and family almost quicker than you can say *Trick-or-Treat*

Halloween Pumpkin Cookies Decorated with Spider Webs, Vine and Leaves

Use a pumpkin cookie cutter, mine was 3.5″ in size.  For the pumpkin colour I used a mix of orange and copper icing colours.  Pipe around the pumpkin (don’t pipe the stem) with a #2 tip and your orange piping icing.  Using your orange flood icing, flood the pumpkin area and when almost set, pipe a few defining lines.

Halloween Themed Pumpkin Cookie Flooded

I used a dark green shade of icing to flood the stem area and the consistency was thick enough that I did not have to use any piping icing.

Halloween Themed Pumpking Cookie with Stem Flooded

Once the icing on the pumpkins set, use a lighter green piping icing and a #1 one tip to pipe the lines for the vines coming down from the stem.  I used a PME #ST60 tip to pipe some leaves on the vines.

Halloween Themed Pumpkin Cookie with Vine Piped

Using a #3 tip and black piping icing, pipe the word *BOO* across the centre, closer to the top of the pumpkin.

Halloween Themed Pumpkin Cookie with Boo

With a #1 piping tip and black piping icing, pipe lines to create a spider web.  Begin each vertical line at the tail of the letter “B” and when you have completed those, pipe your horizontal lines.

Halloween Themed Pumpkin Cookie with Boo and Spider Web

That’s it!  A quick and easy but cute and creative Halloween themed pumpkin cookie.


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