There’s a little story that goes with why I made these cookies.  A few weeks ago my 4 year-old grand-daughter Sophie and her big sister Ella were going on a little car trip with their parents.  Their drive would take about 4 1/2 hours and as always, their Mom made sure that pencils, markers, sketch pads, iPhone and i-Pads were all packed in the car and easily accessible.  Additionally, each of the grand-girls were allowed to purchase a new book for their mini-vacation to Toronto.

Well, Sophie decided that she wanted to buy The Gingerbread Man.  She was so excited to read the story that she couldn’t wait until the day of their trip and instead, begged her Mom to read it to her the night before, at bedtime.  Well, Mom did and Mom also forgot the ending of the story as it had been years since she had read the book herself.  Snuggled up in her bed next to her Mom, Sophie was a very attentive little girl as each page revealed the latest adventure of The Gingerbread Man.  As they came to the end of the story, Sophie was quite devastated to see that the wolf did indeed catch the Gingerbread Man, caught him and ate him all up!

For the next several days, Sophie carried her book very close to herself, probably thinking that if she hung on to it, the hungry wolf would not be able to eat her Gingerbread Man.  When my daughter told me all of this, I immediately decided that I would bake little Sophie her own Gingerbread Man cookies.

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can Gingerbread Man Decorated Cookie

Now, I don’t have a *Running Gingerbread Man* cookie cutter so I used a large boy cutter and did some improvising once the cookies was cut.

Gingerbread Man Cookies Cut and Shaped

The cut cookie on the right is the original.  On the left is the modified cookie.  I made a small cut between the legs and then arranged the left leg to look as if it was running.  To make the right leg look as if it was lifted off the ground I bent it back, cut the foot off and re-attached it in the reverse position.

Running Gingerbread Man Cookie Piped and Flooded

The baked and cooled cookies were then piped and flooded with dark brown piping and flood icing.  The cookies were left to dry overnight.

Decorated Running Gingerbread Man Cookies

The next day, using white piping icing the arms and feet were decorated with wavy lines.  Red piping icing was used to make three buttons, black piping icing to make eyes, noses, and smiling mouths and blue and white icing to make polka-dotted bow ties.

Little Sophie was quite happy with her own personal Gingerbread Man cookies and I guess she was over her trauma of reading that the wolf gobbled him all up as she wasted no time in biting off both his arms and little legs before devouring the rest of him herself!  Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

Running Gingerbread Man Decorated Cookie with Bag Topper

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Touching Bases

July 17, 2014

I’m counting my blessings and quite thankful that my little blog is not a business and a steady income generator.  I’m also pretty sure that Personal Paid Leave of Absences are not a benefit for self-employed business bloggers. After having taken the past three months off for just that purpose, I’d sure be in dire straits if I was counting on revenues from The Vanilla Bean Baker!

In any case, I’m back to blogging, part-time for now and though I haven’t been *here* since Easter, things have been busy, both with the cookie decorating and with family.  Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe that we are looking at the last two weeks of July already?  It’s been a lovely summer so far, August is already showing signs of being a hectic month but we are going to squeeze all the goodness we can out of the coming weeks.  Eat all the fresh local fruit that we can, stuff ourselves with local corn on the cob, enjoy sunset bonfires and roasted marshmallows with the grand-kids, get together with family through little road trips and start planning for Fall canning.  Ooops, just kidding, I don’t can anything!  Preserves…I’m too chicken.

On another note, I missed a wonderful opportunity this month to meet up with fellow blogger and friend Lupita who blogs at  Her and her family were visiting Toronto all the way from Texas.  Regrettably, my schedule did not permit me meeting her in person and I was very disappointed.  How often does a friend from Texas come within a 4 hour drive from me?  I hope that Lupita and her family enjoyed their time in Canada and I really hope that another opportunity for us to meet in person comes around sooner rather than later.

Thought I’d share some cookies I’ve done (some of them months ago) but I never did post here.

Thomas the Tank Engine 1st Birthday CookieThomas the Tank Engine – Little Boy’s First Birthday – Edible Image

Simple Colourful Thank You Cookies

Client Wanted Very Simple But Brightly Coloured Thank You Cookies

Relay for Life Edible Image Cookies

Relay for Life Cookies for Local Relay – Edible Images

Maple Leafs Personalized Baby Onesies

Personalized Leaf Fan Baby Onesies for Baby Shower

Happy and Scared Teeth Cookie for Dentist

Happy and Scared Teeth Cookies for Dentist

Happy Teeth with Pink Cheeks

Happy Teeth Thank You Cookies for Dentist

Monogrammed Hearts, Proposal and Save the Date Cookie Collection

Bridal Shower Cookies, Included Monogrammed Hearts, Proposal and Save the Date Cookies

Finally for now, not another cookie but a pie I baked months ago.  It was an Apple and Chopped Pecan pie with Cinnamon.  The crust was from Jennifer Perillo’s book Homemade with Love.  Her Foolproof Pie Crust Recipe includes cornmeal and it was delicious.  You can find it on page 178 of her book.

Jennifer Perillo's Pie Crust with Cornmeal

Jennifer Perillo’s Pie Crust with Cornmeal

Baked Apple and Pecan PieApple and Chopped Pecan Pie

I hope to be back here again soon.  Hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer.  Have fun and stay safe :)

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Newly Hatched Easter Chick Cake

April 21, 2014

Well, the long Easter weekend is almost over and I hope that everyone had a very enjoyable time with family and friends.  It was not the warmest Easter on record but given the long and very harsh Winter we had, it was just delightful to finally be able to spend time out doors without several […]

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Hearts and Shamrocks for Friends and Family

March 15, 2014

Ron and I have been in Florida for six weeks now and in just over two weeks times we will be heading back home.  We are hoping that all the snow will be gone by the time we arrive back in Perth but given the Winter that we left behind for sunnier and warmer climes, […]

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Bachelorette/Bridal Shower Lingerie Cookies

February 19, 2014

Lingerie cookies have long been a favourite choice for bachelorette/bridal shower get togethers but until January I had never been asked to make them.  After a phone call from new client Kim, that changed.  She was attending a shower in February that was being held at Disney in Florida (lucky gals!).  Long way to travel […]

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Ron’s Last Run

January 12, 2014

We are almost two weeks into a brand spanking New Year and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season.  May 2014 treat you all well, may you stay healthy and may your friends and loved ones remain forever close. Starting off blogging this year not with a cookie post but rather with a special […]

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Frosty the Snowman

December 23, 2013

The gifts are wrapped and under the tree, the baking is done and in the freezer.  The house is ready for company and we are relaxed and waiting.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and so I have come to my last post of the year.  Before I share with you how I made Frosty the Snowman […]

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Glitter Snowflake Cookies and Stuck Santas

December 22, 2013

We are coming to the end of three days of snow, rain and freezing rain.  It’s very white outside and the trees are glistening encrusted in their coating of ice. Today seems to be a good day to share with you my glitter snowflake cookies and as we are so close to Christmas, I’ll be […]

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Santa and the Grinch

December 19, 2013

Today I’m sharing with you how I made two of the more popular sellers at the Artisan’s show.  Children and adults alike had special smiles for these two decorated images. Before I get into the tutorial, I want to thank Thyjuan of Inspirations by Thyjuan for the excellent Grinch cookie that she did freehand and […]

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Decorating Christmas Cookies Using Edible Images

December 16, 2013

I did four different edible image designs for the Christmas Artisan’s show.  Today I’m sharing with you two of my favourite.  There are so many Christmas and Holiday images to choose from but since I live in the country, I narrowed my choices down to images with a cute country theme. Creating cookies decorated with […]

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